Duda Moraes - Celma Albuquerque Galeria de Arte Contemporânea

Créditos: Daniel Mansur

We Are Made of Time

Moved by a love story, Duda Moraes moved to a city without mountains, but with a horizon full of vines, old buildings and seasons that change color throughout the year. After four years in France, she presents for the first time the exhibition “We are made of time”, an individual exhibition at Celma Albuquerque.

The references of a new beginning in the artist’s life take shape on the large-format canvases, through a fluorescent background that takes her to the rescue of the luxurious vegetation, the vibrant colors and the exhilarating perfumes of her tropical origins. The use of acrylic paint with oil paint allows this counterpoint of two worlds and two cultures. The explosion of color and the background of the canvases reveal the gestural movement of life and the traces with which the directions to be followed are constructed.

These new references to her daily life lead the artist to have, as a starting point for her works, images of flower pots that are very present during the French spring. The artist’s passion for these compositions suggests the flowers as ambivalent entities between strength and fragility, intimacy and society. It is the sex of the fragile and matrix plant, it is a predation bet, by political nature. The abstract elements that bring the painting’s balance result in the artist’s relationship with the canvas. The paintings propose to the spectator to enter this warm, joyful universe full of possibilities.

Time is a being in the midst of a metamorphosis, in a hurry to change in order to survive. It is the one who becomes a flower and embraces opposites. Time is the flower of spring and renewal, which opens to the blossoming of the world.