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Rochelle Costi - Solares 2 - Galeria Celma Albuquerque






Celma Albuquerque Galeria de Arte is pleased to announce the opening of the 2022 exhibition calendar with Equilíbrio – Florada – Solares, a solo show by Rochelle Costi, starting on March 26th. The exhibition by the artist from Rio Grande do Sul, who lives and works in São Paulo, marks the continuation of a partnership that dates back over 15 years ago.
“We live under the constant test of the passage of time, our bodies are like the hands of a sundial marking the time that has passed.
At first, the series shown here may seem to be about repetition, but it is about the impossibility of repeating what you want to talk about.
Just as our body/pointer will never again receive the light that hovered over it today, it will never be possible to obtain, under natural light, the same image of the same flower or of an object momentarily balanced on a surface.
Nothing is repeated, this proves the transience of what surrounds and composes us.

The exhibition comprises three series:

FLORADA is a set of photos that relate to the cycles of nature.
They are flower arrangements, often found on walks through the neighborhood where I live. Although it is less than four kilometers from the center of São Paulo, it is possible to find native and exotic species here that, despite being challenged by the environmental imbalance of the metropolis, continue to bloom periodically according to the impulse of nature. The tonality and species present in each photo vary depending on the season.
I always photograph them in the morning, in the same corner of the pantry.

“It is from a delicate organization of imbalances that balance takes its charm” Jean Cocteau in The Difficulty of Being.

EQUILÍBRIO (BALANCE) was carried out between March and April 2021, during the period of isolation due to the Covid 19 pandemic. I used it as a resource for my own emotional balance, looking for objects that could stand on a small wooden turned column (piece of 14 cm, component of the old building toy The Little Builder).
The activity, carried out in the light falling from a window of my studio on a sheet of A5 paper between 9 am and 2 pm, yielded almost two hundred photos. Here, 50 of them were edited and assembled individually, in pairs and in trios. Its arrangement on the gallery wall has as a reference the rooms of the places of prayer and affirmation of faith.

SOLARES (SOLAR) – multiple curtains show scenes from the informal architecture of Northern Brazil. The power of the sun leads the population to use resources of different colors and materials to prevent light from reaching its maximum power into the interior of domestic or commercial environments. The shapes and colors resulting from this sun protection procedure show an aesthetic freedom that ends up composing a style of its own. The images are printed on fabric, at a scale close to life size, bringing the fluid effect of the photographed materials themselves.”
Rochelle Costi, March/April 2022